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Leona Thovmasian-Bailey


"St. Sahag and St. Mesrob Church is a very significant and vital part of my life.

Prior to serving on Parish Council, I have participated in several committees that are essential to

our church. Some of these events are ways of extending our faith and worship as well as for

fundraising. The annual church Bazaar, the picnic, Hokejash committee, church choir, and

Women’s Guild, to name a few, are the committees on which I have served and continue to do

so today.

But more importantly, it is not just the events themselves, but the genuine sense of community

and the relationships that can evolve during these functions that will last a lifetime! For

instance, Women’s Guild has been very satisfying. Many new friendships have been made and

some from the past have been rekindled. Additionally, singing in the church choir on Sundays

encourages me to try to be a better person and Christian.

I am married to my husband, Wayne. We have one son, Christopher, who, with his wife,

Meggan, has blessed us with three wonderful grandchildren.

As a member of Parish Council, I have been provided with deep-rooted friendships and

being involved has made me realize just how much I love our culture, our Armenian community

and my Church. I am blessed in all aspects of my life.

It is truly an honor to serve on Parish Council."

Leona Thovmasian-Bailey
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