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POSITION: Parish Administrator


The Parish Administrator reports directly to the Parish Council Chairperson in accordance with the directives and policies established by the Parish Council, and is accountable for:

● Working with the Parish Council to implement the parish’s agenda and goals

● Promote and foster a collaborative and supportive work environment and culture.

● Management and oversight of the administrative functions, facilities, operations, and financial

needs of the Church and its parish.




– Help manage the overall administrative operations and activities of the Church campus.

– Help implement the decisions, resolutions, and policies adopted by the Parish Council.

– Submit monthly activity reports to the Parish Council.

– Assist in the preparation of operational and financial planning as needed.

– Work with the Communications Coordinator and the Administrative Assistant to ensure that the

church database is properly managed and current and that various lists (mail, email, etc) of members,

stewards, and parishioners are up to date.

– Assist in the preparation of the Annual Report and, with the Parish Council, coordinate the annual and

any special Parish Assembly.

– Assume additional duties and responsibilities as may be requested by the Pastor and the Parish


-Attend Parish Council meetings


Facilities and Operations

– Assist in the implementation of strategies developed by the Parish Council.

– Oversee execution of the facilities plan as established by the Parish Council, in collaboration with the

Building and Grounds chairperson, including management, and follow-up on all maintenance,

renovations, and construction activities.

– Support all Church Auxiliary Organizations in their needs and maintain regular contact with Church


– Collaborate with the Communications Coordinator and Office Administrator to implement and

maintain frequent and varied sources of communication with parishioners.



– Monitor revenues and expenses to ascertain their conformity with the approved budget and Church

policies and procedures.

– Oversee and manage the preparation of the monthly financial statements, and the annual budget in

consultation with the Parish Council Treasurer for presentation to the Parish Council as needed.

Human Resources

– Evaluate and monitor overall staff performance, including the execution of annual staff performance

reviews. Communicate such information to the Human Resources committee.

– Work with the Human Resources Committee to prepare and recommend policies and procedures to

the Parish Council covering operational, financial, and human resource functions.

– Update staff regarding current developments and new policies and procedures



–College degree preferred with 5+ years of management experience.

– Strong management and leadership skills.

– Excellent understanding of financial management, human resource management, and strategic


– Familiarity with facilities management and operations.

–Knowledge of computer software, social media, and other technology.

– Knowledge of time management, project management, and problem-solving skills.

–Strong interpersonal communication and organizational skills.

– Proficiency in public speaking and presentation skills.

– Knowledge of and familiarity with the workings and infrastructure of the Armenian Apostolic Church

– An awareness and understanding of Armenian culture preferred.


Benefits: PTO, Flexible schedule

Schedule: 2-3 days per week, 8hrs per day

Compensation: TBD based on skills and experience

How do I apply? Please send all correspondence to or call Gary Nahabedian at 401-871-8331


Saints Sahag and Mesrob Armenian Apostolic Church adheres to all Federal and State laws concerning hiring practices and does not discriminate based on color, religion, sex, or political preference.




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