9/24 First Day of Armenian School & Arts Program



Located in Providence, Rhode Island

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Explore our quarterly periodical that summarizes past church events, community photos and outreach, and Armenian news.


Meet our Pastor

Learn about Fr. Shnork Souin's upbringings, as well as his testimony of faith that brought him to St. Sahag & Mesrob's Armenian Church.

Requiem services are typically conducted at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy (Badarak) on the closest Sunday of the 40th Day of passing of the deceased, and on the yearly anniversary of a loved one.

Send a Loved One a Prayer Card Today!

Did you know that you can have your church send a personalized prayer card on your behalf? They are multi-purpose and are available for various occasions!

Families will be notified that their loved ones will be remembered in prayer on the specific Sunday during the Divine Liturgy. This is a great way to share your faith and your commitment to pray for your loved ones, no matter who they are.

The cards are full color folded on beautiful card stock and sent from the Church on your behalf, and will include a prayer for the occasion, the name of those being prayed for, and your name.


Call 401-272-7712 to order!

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